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[18 Nov 2010|11:00pm]
Having fell in love with Jenny Packham hair bands but not able to afford them ive decided to make my own kind :)

So ive been buying rhinestome gems and 50s brooches to adapt into a head dress, ill keep you up to date on my progress.

My dress is a 50s style dress so trying to have that as our theme with a summer fair idea, going do my own table decotions. Just hating my hair at the moment, mum wants me to have longer hair for wedding so thats like a short bob but i love having it cropped in.

My hair
how cold it is -4 at start of week

Its friday tomorow
My big cousin gets married 3/12/2010
Christmas craft fares comming up :)
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[16 Nov 2010|10:08pm]
Its less that 150 days till Stuart and I get married :)

Ive got the dress
The venue
Stuarts Kilt
Bridesmaid fabric
Bridesmaids Jewellery
Wedding shoes

Its all very exciting.

I wonder if Prince William will get married on same day as me? My dad and sister were joking that if he does they would be watching that on telly rather than come to mine. They are just pests.

15 April 2011 :)
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[28 Dec 2009|02:49pm]
Got engaged on Christmas eve :)

Now to begin the wedding planning :)

Lousia have your photographed weddings before? any sample pictures?

Very excited expect lots of posts.
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OT WEEK 3/11/2009 - 8/11/2009 [05 Nov 2009|10:57pm]
Ok so its OT week this week 3/11/2009 till the 8/11/2009.
If you didn't no already I am occupational therapist and thought it was about time people began spreading the word.
So from this evening i set you a challenge, I want you to spread the word of OT through any media you can. Send links back to me via, livejournal, facebook, bebo, twitter or email.
You get a point for every time you mention OT (remeber and show me the link or it doesnt count) and you get a point for every question below you answer correctly.

First prize got to the person with the highest points if more than one person has the same number of points its names in a hat.
Second and third prize goes to the people with ether the next 2 highest scores or the other names picked out of the hat.

The prizes are:
First prize - OT themed charm bracelet
Seconded and Third prize is a scrabble charm necklace, with letter of you choice on ether silver or gold plated chain.

Give away ends at 11pm on Sunday :) Have fun and good luck.

Let me know if you learn anything new about OT on the way.

Here is the quiz to test your knowledge about some of the things occupational therapists do.

1. Occupational therapists address clients holistically and address the cognitive, psychosocial, environmental, spiritual and biophysical aspects of a person’s engagement in activities.

2. Occupational therapists’ primary role it to help clients obtain jobs.

3. Occupational therapists evaluate and address areas of self-care, work/productivity and leisure.

4. ADLs are:
Adapting to Disabled Life
Activities of Daily Living
Accidents During Life
Activities During Life

5. An instrumental activity of daily living would include:
Meal preparation
All of the above

6. A hip kit is a package of equipment often issued to patients following hip or back surgeries, who are unable to bend at the waist for many weeks post surgery. Which of the following devices is not included in the hip kit?
Sock Aid
Elastic shoe laces
Long-handled shoe horn

Send the answers back to me through private message system on you chosen networking site.
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[18 Oct 2009|09:02am]
Ive got a bad cold has went into my chest so feeling rubbish :(

House is comming along nicely, dad has spend the whole week sanding walls and filling the holes that stupid picture hooks have left. Most of the rooms are now painted white so its just getting the time to paint them properly.

Looking good tho, going to go over today and try paint the kitchen but my energy levels are mega tho so the walk over may beat me.

We also got most of our furniture now mega bargain hunters :)

Ikea couch - £50 on gumtree
Ikea red leather poang - £40 on gumtree
Ikea cream leather poang £60 scotfree ads
Tv unit - free from stuarts mum
Kettle - free from stuarts aunt and my mums friend so we have 2
Nest of tables - £6 charity shop
Dinning table - scratch and dent bit in ikea £80
Dinning chairs - £15 for four in charity shop
Bed - Stuarts from his room
Bed - Lynns old bed as shes getting mine when i move out
Wardrobe - stuarts brothers as he wont need it when he move into stuarts bedroom
Ikea Cd racks - x2 coming from my room at home :(

So pretty much sorted just need silly little things but well get them when we need then when were moved in. Pictures to follow in later post as stuarts Pc doesnt like my phone.

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House day 3 [11 Oct 2009|10:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So today we went all out and striped the wall paper off all the walls.

Heres some pictures from this evening.
My mum, dad, sister lynn and stuarts brother andy done most of the work this afternoon as i supervised and stuarts was at work. Off tomorrow as well so dad and i are going to paint it then.
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things that make me laugh about this house:
There a cupboard door cut in half in spare room
Everything is attached with brackets even the kitchen cupboard had them inside it
The shelf unit is held up with thousands of screws and has cortisone under it
A celling fan in our bedroom - WE LIVE IN SCOTLAND!!!!

Also getting £50 3 seater couch tomorow thanks to gumtree :)

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[10 Oct 2009|04:50pm]
New house so on gumtree searching for sofas and bargins

this is the one we wanted from ikea

http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/05/46560705.html - but someone is viewing it on monday and they might buy it before we get to it.

http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/22/46196922.html - she does have a 2 seater also if we wanted to try it instead unsure tho.

http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/28/46692528.html - also found this but its a bit expensive tho would be an extra armchair and a sofa bed not sure tho.

Have bought 11 lightbulbs today so thats us got enough for as long as we live there.

Also got paint today so time to paint and paint and get it to our style this week. Im only off monday tho so ill be leaving it to stuart and dad to get it up to shape.

excited tho.
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Today [09 Oct 2009|09:12am]
So today is the day mega nervous at the thought of living with Stuart, what happends if we fight or it doesnt work out?

todays plan:



lawer to sign things

sum other guy to sign for life insurance

then the keys to this : http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-10457448.html?backToListURL=%2Fuser%2Fshortlist.html%3Ftype%3DBUYING

Excited and have colds feed hope everything goes ok :0
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[15 Sep 2009|09:57am]
Ok so its been a month since i last posted loads and loads have happened:

Bought this house :http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-10457448.html?backToListURL=%2Fuser%2Fshortlist.html%3Ftype%3DBUYING

Been working away

Have an interview this afternoon for a mental health job in glasgow, mega nervous as girls i was at uni with also have interviews for it.

Just been buying bits and bobs for our new house gets the keys the 9th October :)

Ill lets you know tomorrow hows i get on at my interview, now im away back to the books so i looks like i know something.
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[15 Aug 2009|02:07pm]
House hunting continues :)

We have a fave one but tis kinda expensive but so so pretty.
Need the bathroom redone and some paint before moving in but its nice and warm :)
Its in a quiet area with limited parking but a nice garden:



This one which has one less bedroom but is so much cheaper, its school catchment area isnt as good but it does have off road parking. We have a viewing on Monday for it, its going to auction tho so im not sure how it works with a mortgage tho.


Big decisons to be made and im not sure what im wanting, off road parking doesnt bother me large flat with loft sounds good. but is so much more expensive but stuart thinks the 3 bed will keep its value as its in a good area and in a good school catchment which means for resale a family might wants it.


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[03 Aug 2009|07:26pm]
I wish to be engaged.
so ive done all the leg work and have found a few rings i likes:







but if i get a button one i wants a few crystals on it no diamonds but twinkles
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[03 Aug 2009|02:57pm]
[ mood | gutted ]


I looked online and planned our house even before we had viewed it.
Just for my bubble to be burst :(

House is being let out at the moment due to the fact it hasnt been sold and been on market for ages. So someones leasing it for 6months, and cant view it till lease is up :(

Ive made them promise they will contact us the minuit lease is up.

Though gives me a few extra months to save and de clutter my craft supplys and clothing.

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[02 Aug 2009|08:26pm]
Looking at flats and houses with Stuart.
Got a viewing tomorrow night, cant wait this is the one i thinks i want :)
Stuarts mums going to loan us the deposit and when we sell if we sell well give her the % back.

looking for storage ideas for my craft supplys when we move.

love this studio idea using shelfs to make a craft space:

liking these:

lamp wise likes these:

or something like these but no expensive laura ashley ones.


and even been looking at wallpaper, i know im getting ahead of myself but im mega excited.


sorry for all the links but means i have them for the future. x
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[07 May 2009|10:34pm]
Or if you really wants you could just send me lots of buttons and tea cups in enchange for earrings and pin cushions and hand crafted items :)
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[07 May 2009|09:29pm]
Hoilday all booked :)
Tenerife for 7 days all enclusive :)

Had a stall at a market on sunday was mega slow and made £15 but only £5 of that was profit and i spend more than that on tea and buttons from another girls stall :(

Have fell in love with a flat in gourock trying to go view it this weekend even tho i cant buy it due to lack of money and morgage flat goes to aution next thursday with a guide price of 25k wish i had that lying around and id snap it up and call it home.

Craft mafia are having a supply swap shop tonight but i didnt go cause its mega wet outside like january weather in may!!!!

But i have supplys im wanting to swap so thought i put them on here to so you people have a chance of swapping too.

Im looking for buttons and tea cups :) but open to other ideas.

Heres my blog link: http://carrotcoriander.blogspot.com/

Dont like blogspot livejournal is much better and less confusing.

enjoy xxx
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[02 May 2009|09:05pm]
Sewing and crafting away tonight.

Market tomorrow : http://www.glasgowcraftmafia.com/blog/

Then taking some time off marketing to get my etsy and folksy up and running properly.

Might even try get items into some shops but dont no if they would want my stuff.

Should i set a bebo up for carrotcoriander?

Elderflower and lime kopparberg is amazing go buy it!!!!
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[12 Apr 2009|12:18pm]
Today is my birthday and my etsy account wished me happy birthday :)

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In Glasgow in April Check this out [06 Apr 2009|07:44pm]
April Schedule
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[21 Mar 2009|05:34pm]
GCM March schedule
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[11 Jan 2009|03:04pm]
Ive been crafting this weekend.

Bought a new Digital camera,
Got some fancy new felt
Got glass paint

Looking for plastic chess pieces for charm bracelets.

I miss woolworths already :(

If your in charity shops and find plastic game parts or games for cheap buy them and ill pay you for them and the postage.

Thanks xxx
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